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"Your #1 Daily Source For Instant REAL Live Visitors: FREE Advertising!"

How SpaceShip SafeList Works

Our site is very simple to use and will get you a ton of free traffic to your website. You create an account and our system will email you a confirmation link instantly. Once you click on the activation link you will be taken to your account where you can then add up to 1 websites and since we give you 2,000 visitor credits, you should be all set.

The system will "take a picture" of your home page and enter it into the rotation with the other member websites.

The most important detail of the system is that your site will only been seen when you get credits for viewing other websites. Just looking at the gallery of sites on one page will get you 9 viewing credits which can be used to start your traffic immediately. If you click on sites you get click credits which, as you can see, are more valuable than viewing credits. All in all, you surf our site exchange and get credit instantly to any or all of the sites you enter into the gallery.

SpaceShip SafeList even features a fully functional Safelist system. You get 20,000 credits AFTER you activate both of your email accounts.

In summary just for joining YOU GET:

=> 2,000 guaranteed visitors
=> 1 Sites Entries
=> 10000 guaranteed visitors for referrals
=> 20,000 safelist credits
=> 10000 safelist credits to refer anyone to join under you.

SpaceShip SafeList features 3 membership levels:

1. Free

2. Pro Monthly ($9.95)

» Pro Members Get 25,000 Mailing Credits & 1,000 Visitor Credits Per Month
PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 20000 Mailing Credits & 1000 Visitor Credits

3. Lifetime ($49.95)

» Lifetime Members Get 50,000 Mailing Credits & 2,500 Visitor Credits Per Month
PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 50000 Mailing Credits & 5000 Visitor Credits

You can also purchase credits for use in the Traffic Exchange or to post to the Safelist part of the program.

Credit Packages (Traffic Exchange):

1. 100 credits: $1.00
2. 1000 credits: $9.00
3. 5000 credits: $40.00
4. 10000 credits: $75.00

Credit Packages (Safelist):

1. 100 credits: $1.00
2. 1000 credits: $9.00
3. 5000 credits: $40.00
4. 10000 credits: $75.00


Here's the catch!!

You MUST stay active on our email list. If the email account you enter has an autoresponder, bounces or is never activated - YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. The ONLY way to participate is to stay active on the email list. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU USE GMAIL.COM.

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